Questions for the Mysterious Men With Ponytails

October 13, 2010

 The Stereotype of the Ponytail Man Has Diminished

Mens grooming is a mystery. Men with ponytails and long hair is an even larger mystery. The stereotype of men with ponytails has diminished. It’s hard to tell if these men are lazy hippies or metro sexuals finding new reasons to use womens hair products.
Men and their ponytails. Men and their long nappy hair. Men’s grooming products have come so far and yet the man ponytail still swings around town.

I have to wonder if my repulsion for such ponytails is sparked by jealousy. My luscious locks lose some of their brilliance next to the man ponytails. They are trespassing in the land of women. How dare they. Unless of course you are Russell Brand. Then it’s ok.

After seeing an ole hippie man sporting a tail on the stationary bike at the gym today, I nearly ran into the long water fountain line. (Dang those gym rats who bring their 48 oz water bottles to fill up at the slowest water fountain station EVER). But what really got me is this- men with ponytails workout? True I have never seen an obese ponytail man, or even just a man with long hair who was overweight, but they’re into exercise?

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